Following is a list of books that I have found useful or relevant in studying for this course. In the case of those that I have specifically commented on I have provided a link to the relevant blog page.

General Reading on Photographic Theory or Philosophy
  1. Barrett, Terry.  Criticizing Photographs (5th Ed.), 2012, McGraw Hill.  Link.  Rather dry textbook looking at the process of writing about photographs.  Good material, dull presentation.
  2. Dyer, Geoff. The Ongoing Moment, 2005, Vintage. Link.  Intriguing book that looks at how common themes are carried from one artist to another.
  3. Jeffrey, Ian. How to Read a Photograph, 2008, Thames & Hudson. Link.  Excellent overview of the genre of photography, although more a visual history than a guide to reading images

Art in General
  1. Freeland, Cynthia. But is it Art?, 2001, OUP. Link.   A small and very readable book that explores the fundamental question of what art actually is.

  1. Clark, Larry.  Tulsa, 1971,Grove Press. Link.  Harrowing story of drugs, sex and guns told through a series of very intimate photographs
  2. Goldin, Nan. The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, 1986, Aperture. Link.  A lifelong study of the relationships between the men and women who make up her closest friends.  Beautiful and yet at times disturbing
  3. Parr, Martin. Think of England, 2000, Phaidon. Link.  A colourful celebration of stereotypical Englishness seen through the rituals of tea parties, the seaside, and jumble sales to name a few themes.  Great inspiration for my Oktoberfest work.
  4. Greenough, Sarah. Looking in Robert Frank's The Americans, 2009, Seidl. Detailed, but illuminating investigation of how Robert Frank came to create his major work, The Americans